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cfgmaker | BETA v0.7 - Ran 704029 times since February 10th, 2005
Welcome to the cfgmaker interface,
I will help you configure and optimize your server's settings. At the end of the configuration there will be a few options, You may choose to generate a:
Custom/Generic server configuration
Optimized server configuration
High Performance server configuration (good for a match or LAN server)
If you are not sure what settings to change and which not to change, simply fill the Server Name, and Rcon & Server password sections, that's it! I will do the rest, Just run the cfgmaker and I will properly generate the appropriate settings for you.

If you would like see a certain cvar added to the cfgmaker that would be useful, let us know.
Server Name
The name of the server. example: Bobs Counter-Strike Server
Rcon & server passswords
rcon_password - Set rcon passsword. Leave blank to disable rcon
sv_password - Set server password. Leave blank to disable.
Rcon Advanced
sv_rcon_banpenalty - Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication. Default: disabled
sv_rcon_maxfailures - Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned. Default: 10 tries
sv_rcon_minfailures - Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned. Default: 5 tries
sv_rcon_minfailuretime - Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications. Default: 30 seconds
Server Cvars
mp_friendlyfire - Turn on/off friendlyfire. Default: Off
mp_footsteps - Turn on/off footsteps. Default: On
mp_autoteambalance - Force clients to auto-join the opposite team if they are not balanced. Default: On
mp_autokick -  Kick idle/team-killing players. Default Off
mp_flashlight - Turn on/off the ability for clients to use flashlight. Default: Off
mp_tkpunish - Punish TK'ers on next round? Default: On
mp_forcecamera - Force dead players to first person mode, effectively disabling freelook. Default: Off
sv_alltalk - Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions. Default: Off
sv_pausable - Can the server be paused? Default: Off
sv_consistency - Force cleints to pass consistency check for critical files before joining server? Default: On
sv_cheats - Allow cheats on server. Default: Off
sv_allowupload - Allow clients to upload their custom decals to the server. Default: Yes
sv_allowdownload - Allow clients to downnload files. Default: Yes
sv_maxspeed - Maximum speed a player can move. Default: 320
mp_limitteams - Max # of players 1 team can have over another. Default: 2
mp_hostagepenalty - How many hostages a Terrorist can kill before being kicked, 0 to disable. Default: 5
sv_voiceenable - Allow clients to use mic. Default: Yes
mp_allowspectators - Allow spectators on the server. Default: Yes
mp_timelimit - amount of time in minutes each map is played before switching to the next map. Default: 25
mp_chattime - amount of time in seconds players can chat after the game is over. Lower value = faster map load change. Default: 10
sv_timeout - After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped. Default: 65 seconds
Round Cvars
mp_freezetime - Time in seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts. Default: 6
mp_roundtime - How much time in minutes does a round last. Default: 5
mp_startmoney - Amount of money each player gets when they reset (16000 max) Default: 800
mp_c4timer - The amount of time in seconds before bomb explodes after planted. Default: 45
mp_fraglimit - Amount of frags a player can exceed before changing maps. Default: 0
mp_maxrounds - Amount of round to play before server changes maps. Default: 0
mp_winlimit - Max number of rounds one team can win before server changes maps. Default: 0
mp_playerid - Controls what information player see in the status bar. Default: All
mp_spawnprotectiontime - Time in seconds to Kick players who team-kill after round restart. Default: 5
Bandwidth Rates
sv_minrate - Min bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimited)
sv_maxrate - Max bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimited)
decalfrequency - Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal. Default: 10
sv_maxupdaterate - Maximum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 60
sv_minupdaterate - Minimum updates per second that the server will allow. Default: 10
Server logging
log - Enable server logging? Default Off
sv_logbans - Log server bans in the server logs. Default Off
sv_logecho - Echo log information to the console. Default On
sv_logfile - Log server information in the log file. Default On
sv_log_onefile - Log server information to only one file. Default No
Bots (1 of 2)
bot_add - Select Yes if you would like to have bots on the server
bot_quota - Amount of bots to add. Adding many bots will use more cpu. Start with a few bots, then add more if needed.
bot_quota_mode - If 'Fill', the server will adjust bots to keep # players in the game, where # is bot_quota (from above) Default: Normal
bot_difficulty - Skill of bots. Default: Easy
bot_chatter - Control how bots talk. Default: Normal
bot_auto_follow - Allow bots to automatically follow a human player. Default: Yes
bot_auto_vacate - Kick bots to automatically make room for human players. Default: Yes
bot_join_after_player - Bots must wait for a people to join before joining? If No, bots will play without people. Default: Yes
bot_defer_to_human - Can bots complete objectives if there are humans on a team? Default: No
bot_prefix - Prefix for bot names. A prefix is a tag that bots will have in front of their name. you can enter your clan tag or leave blank.
bot_allow_rogues - bots may occasionally go 'rogue'. Rogue bots do not obey radio commands, nor pursue scenario goals.. Default: No
bot_walk - The speed at which bots can move. Default: Run & Walk
bot_join_team - What teams are bots allowed to join? Default: Any
bot_eco_limit - Bots will not buy if their money falls below this amount. Default: 2000
Bot Weapon Restriction (2 of 2)
Bot Mode. If you change this, the below weapon restrictions are ignored. Default: All Weapons
bot_allow_grenades - Allow bots to use grenades?
bot_allow_pistols - Allow bots to use pistols?
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns - Allow bots to use sub machine guns?
bot_allow_shotguns - Allow bots to use shotguns?
bot_allow_rifles - Allow bots to use rifles?
bot_allow_snipers - Allow bots to use sniper rifles?
bot_allow_machine_guns - Allow bots to use machine guns?
sv_lan - Will the server be public or Private LAN? Default: LAN & Internet
sv_region - Geographic location of the server. Default: World
sv_contact - Contact email for server sysop
Auto cfg

Custom/Generic - will tell the cfgmaker to use default settings, this also allows you to customize specific cvars that you want, while leaving others at default.

Optimized cfg - the cfgmaker will adjust and optimized the following cvars:
sv_maxrate - controls the maximum amount of outgoing bandwidth clients can consume.
sv_minrate - controls the least amount of bandwidth a client can consume.
decalfrequency - controls how many times (in seconds) a client can upload their custom (spray logo) decal, which results in how much bandwidth decals consume. The default on the Source engine is 10 seconds.. which means a client can spray their logo every 10 seconds. by selecting Optimized cfg this value will be increased to reduce bandwidth usage.
High Performance - will increase the values of the cvars mentioned above, usefull for LAN or match server.

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